We are pleased to offer a short term price reduction as we introduce our products to you. This gives you the opportunity to try all of our products at a discounted rate. The best quality products have been chosen for your skin and hair. We are very excited and proud to launch our family’s business; Che’ Beautiful; a natural and organic product line.

Our products are continuously evaluated as we look to create new, natural and organic products.

Thank you for your business and for being a part of this journey, we look forward to hearing your feedback about our products.


Che’ Beautiful is a Luxury brand, offering Organic Solutions to Skincare issues. We have also launched our Grooming products for distinguished Gentlemen. Nine years ago, we began the process of creating skincare and hair products that were chemical free. Initially we created a moisturizer and hair growth serum. Our Founder, a licensed Cosmetologist for over 27 years, had been using the moisturizer and sharing it with her customers. While working in another field, nearing the completion of her Graduate studies, she found herself wondering what would be her next big move; there was a void and from that the desire to become an Entrepreneur began to bloom into an idea given to her by God.

She stated, “Looking around, I was not sure what I could create or what I could sell. So, I prayed and asked God for direction. He spoke to my heart and directed me to sell the products that I’d created years ago. Initially the plan was to sell on sites like eBay and Etsy. But it did not take long to create a web-based business.”
As one step was taken, more ideas for products were manifesting and more resources to use were made available. We added to our skin care line. We began more research, attended several training’s and gained more insight and new product ideas materialized. And now, we’ve created an entire organic product line.”

Che’ Beautiful, LLC officially launched July, 2015.